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Екологічні проблеми Due to its geographical situation, the Carpathians play a very important role for Central Europe in economy, resources, climate creation, hydrology and ecology. Because of the antropogeneous pressure in the region and non professional approach to nature and its use (increasing the cutting of the forests, poaching, industrial and accidents” pollution, agricultural activities, tourism development, increasing transport network) there appeared a threat to the violation of the Carpathians uniqueness.

The ecological problems are typical both for the Carpathian region and for Transcarpathia. They are the following:

–  The violation of ecological balance on the territories which suffered from harmful influence of mining, chemical and fuel energy industries;

–  Chemical and biological pollution of the superficial pools of water basins of big water arteries;

–  Pollution of the environment by industrial and other kinds of wastes; insufficient efforts of recycling and utilization;

–  Development of dangerous processes as a result of harmful effects of flooding, landslides.

–   Degradation of unique natural ecosystems, loss of the biological variety.

Зсув в Карпатах

Degradation of unique natural ecosystems (Tiachiv district, 2010)

The priorities of ecological policy in the region are proclaimed in the Carpathian convention which should consolidate the efforts of all Carpathian countries aimed at the protection and ecologically balanced development of the Carpathians. The following ones are the most important for Transcarpathia:
–  Ecological rehabilitation of the territories which are situated in the zones of mining industry;
–  Improvement of the ecological conditions of water arteries in the region;
–  Recycling and utilizing the industrial wastes;
–  Protection of biological and scenery variety, development of nature reserves and ecological network;
–  Organization of ecological monitoring system and information technology of nature protection, ecological education and population upbringing.


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