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The Carpathian mountainous system is located in the centre of Europe and belongs to the northern branch of the Alpine zone. The chain of the Carpathians is 1500 meters long and borders on Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and reaches Serbia and Montenegro. The population of the Carpathians is over 20 million people. From the environmental point of view, the Carpathians are an important source of clean water and clean air; it is a powerful climate creating and water regulating factor on the continent. They are often called “the heart and lungs” of Europe.

All countries in the Carpathian region have enormous potential in developing tourism and recreation thanks to an extremely rich heritage. 26 natural and cultural objects are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, including  the Ukrainian-Slovak object ” Beech Virgin Forests of the Carpathians”, located in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and Uzhansky National Nature Park. The latter is part of the trilateral Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian International Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians”. Original landscapes of the Carpathians have long been used for recreation and recuperation.

On our site you will find the latest news and publications about the use and protection of natural resources, environmental safety, preservation of bio variety, with nature recreational and tourist resort potential of the Carpathians, and a lot of  other actual information on  environmental protection and tourism development.

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