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Andriy Pohorelov, Chief of State Administration of Natural Environmental Defence in Transcarpathian region

In the year of 2003 within the framework of Carpathian convention the range of agreements was celled about the collaboration of people of Carpathians in the different spheres of life and first of all in the field of natural environmental defence.

The Ukrainian part of Carpathians makes more than 10% of the total area, but here, on the area of almost half a million of hectares, are concentrated over one and a half thousand of objects of the nature reserve fund. There are 450 of these objects on the area of 177 thousands of hectares in Transcarpathia.

State Administration of Nature Environmental Defence of Transcarpathian region works in different directions in the field of nature environmental defence namely such as realization of ecological programs, implementation of econetworks expansion measures.

The year of 2010 is announced to be the International Year of Biodiversity according to the UN General Assembly.

One of the main tasks of the current year is to stop the biodiversity extinction at the global, regional and national levels. Therefore the regional nature protection activity is of great importance nowadays. State Administration of Nature Environmental Protection of Transcarpathian region works in different directions in the field of nature environmental defense namely such as realization of ecological programs, implementation of econetworks expansion and nature protection measures which will improve the ecological situation in the region.

Nature reserve fund expansion

There are over 7 thousand of objects of nature reserve fund in our state presently and they occupy 5,4% of the dry land of the country. The Transcarpathian region obtains 13,4% of reserves and is one of the regions-leaders with high “percentage of reserved lands”. “Temnatyk”, a closed wood of local value, was created in Volovets district last year on the area of 1215 hectares. “Prytysyanskiy” Regional Landscape Park, was created in four districts of the region. “Zacharovaniy kray (Charmed Land)” Regional Landscape Park was ranked to National Park. “Synevyr” National Park and Carpathian Biosphere Reserve were expanded. The measures on Ukrainian-Romanian Transborder Biosphere Reserve creation in the Maramarosh mountains are in progress.

According to the decision of the Regional Council session (from July 8, 2010 NQ1143) four Botanical Reserves of Local Value (Ardov, Egresh, Silash, Koson mountain) were created on the total area of 146,9 hectares in Vynohradovo and Berehovo districts in July of 2010. Five wetlands (with the total area of 554,5 hectares) are expected to be granted the status of the International Wetlands this year to include them into the Ramsar List.

The State Government succeeded in the agent of “Premiks” utilization last year and this took off the social tension in the region to some extent. Presently 1308 tons of the agent are temporally kept in the containers and a certain amount – in the railway carriages. The works on “Premiks” reloading and export on utilization are planned to be prolonged this year.
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