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A railway with more than a centennial history crosses the A railway with more than a centenni, history crosses Uzhotskyi Mountain Pass. This part of the strategic route from Velykyi Bereznyi t Halychyna was built by Hungarian Royal State Roads in 1905 (significant funding was allocated Seven and a half kilometres of direct distance between Volosyanka and Uzhotskyi Pass is covere by 19 kilometres of long serpentine road with considerable elevations, numerous tunnels, viaduct and terraces. For its beauty, diversity and construction from Excavation Orlando had valour this section area was name “Pidkarpatoruskyi Semmering”.

From Volosyanka to Uzhotskyi Pass the builders had to overcome a height difference of 362 metre so the road was developed into the serpentines along the mountain slopes, overgrown with forest over deep valleys with long bridges, and within seven tunnels with the total length of 2271 meter In order to support the most complicated sections, high retaining walls were installed, mountai slopes were cut deep, and high bridges were engineered in order to achieve nearly 900 meters of pass’s height.

During World War I the railway was severely damaged due to fierce battles, which were carried out t win the Uzhotskyi Pass. From November 24, 1914 to January 26, 1915, Russian troops held the Pas and at the beginning of 1915 they were able to penetrate up to the village of Zabrid. During the retreat of the Austro-Hungarian army a small bridge was destroyed near the village of Shcherbyn the middle and two edge parts of the bridge were torn down. As of January 26,1915, the pass w; held by the Austro-Hungarian troops while the fights went on. On May 8,1915 the Russians left the positions in Carpathians, Taking into consideration the importance of this line of railway, a ring road with a small bridge was built over the valley.

Source: Uzhanskyi national nature park

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