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It is axiom, that healing mountain air has always been the best medicine for a lot of diseases. And the Carpathians always were and still remain the lungs of Europe. Our health depends on the quality of air we breathe. That’s why nowadays with the whole subtlety the problem of preservation of atmosphere of the Carpathian region from intensive pollution arises.

According to the scientific date, the most unfavorable situation is in the Western and partly Eastern Carpathians and its foot-hills. It may be explained by the peculiarities of local energetic, that works on stone coal, by the development of black and color metallurgy, different branches of chemical industry. Dozens of large metallurgical, chemical, industrial, building enterprises, series of TEC on the territory of Ukraine, Poland, Romania disgorge in air thousand tons harmful substances, among them there are many combinations of sulphur and nitrogen, which dispersing on the considerable height, as a result of phito-chemical reactions, turn into acid clouds. And nobody can foresee in what part of Europe they may turn into rains destructive for all the human beings. Nowadays the majority of the Carpathian region territories suffer from such damage fallings.

According to the latest information the scientists in Scandinavia, especially in the regions of the Northern Sweden, similar fallings have led to the incidents of forest drying, destruction of lakes, sharp worsening of soil quality.

Such atmosphere situation may have a bad effect on growing, stocking up and processing of ecologically clean agricultural products, medical raw materials. It also touches upon sanatory-resort complex of the Carpathian Euroregion countries.

That’s why it is so necessary for the whole Europe, to have the sky above the Carpathians free from “chemical clouds” and clear air.

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