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Oleksandr Marchenko, Depchief of Main Administration – Chief of the Department of European Integration, Tourism and Resorts of Transcarpathian RSA

Tourism and recreation industry in Transcarpathia shows a positive momentum within the period of last few years. The volume of the given services increased by 7% and makes 121,1 million of hryvnyas for the period of January-June of 2010 if compared with the same period of 2009. Thus local budget deductions increased by 17% and make 6,5 million of hryvnyas; 99 new workplaces were created in this field. The network of sanatorium-resort, tourism and recreation, hotel establishments counts 328 objects.

Winter tourism develops dynamically. Today 77 self-controls function in the region. The best mountain-ski centers arc: villages of Pylypets, Podobovets, Izky in Mizhhirya district; STC “Synyak” in Mukachevo district; mountain valley of Drahobrat in Rakhiv district: Krasiya mountain in Velykiy Berezniy district.

One of biggest-selling directions is health-related tourism with the use of thermal mineral waters and fitness centers where people can get Hormone Therapy Scottsdale train with weights or special equipment as the URBNFIT balance disc. Sanatorium complexes offer modern methods of treatment, dwelling in comfortable rooms and developed infrastructure. These are “Teplytsya”, “Termal – Star” “Karpatiya”, “Suzirya”, “Borzhava”, “Hirska Tysa”, “Synyak”. Tourist recreation complexes are none the less popular. They offer a wide spectrum of additional services: saunas, bath-houses, pools, conference halls, internet clubs, beauty salons, massage rooms, fitness centers, tennis courts, billiards, juice bars, hookah clubs, wine fountains, solariums, Jacuzzi, rental points of ski equipment, mountain bicycles and quad bikes; horse trekkings, rafting, trout fishing.

Thematic tourist routes, a new competitive tourist product, was developed and created for the period of last few years. These are: “Transcarpathian tourist tour”, “Transcarpathian tourist gastronomic tour” (presents the culinary art and variety of tastes of 9 national cuisines), “Transcarpathian tourist wine tour” (presents the Transcarpathian home wine making traditions), military tourist route of “Arpad Line”, tourist route of “Along the Huzul paths”.

Establishment and leadthrough of festivals is an alternative way to economic development of rural area. Nowadays over 200 festivals are held in the region.

Source: Magazine “Transcarpathia” № 2 summer/autumn 2010


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