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Maria Tranchych, the student of the Geography Faculty, UzhNU

I’m starting my blog today. With a bit of thought I decided to start it with my home town Perechyn.  Just think about it…so many people are trying to run away from their home countries, so many seek to see something different, something that seems more interesting. For instance, so many Ukrainians are dreaming about going to France or the United States. And I do not disapprove of those people, it’s absolutely normal desire but it seems strange to me that people want to go to places but they haven’t seen at least half of their own country!   More »

V. Komendar, V. Kricsfalusy, A.Lugovoy

In the most western part of Ukraine, on the southern mountainside of Eastern (Ukrainian) Carpathian mountains in the place where the geographical center of Europe is situated we can find the location of the most beautiful region of Ukraine-Transcarpathian region.

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Distance from Uzhhorod to Kyiv: by rail – 798 km, by motorway – 788 km

Geographical data: the region is located in moderately continental climatic area; there are rivers on the territory of the region – 9,5 thousands of streams and rivers the largest are Tysa, Latorytsya, Borzhava

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Ernest Nuser, Chief of Main Administration on European Integration, External Economic Relations and Tourism of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Throughout the years Transcarpathia is the permanent participant of all the European Union neighborhood programs which operate on the east EU border: TACIS, INTERREG, FARE, CADSES, ENPI. As a result, there is a number of successful projects carried out in the region. More »

The village of Solotvyno is spread along the right bank of Tysa river. Its old name of Slatyna, which means “salt water”, is first mentioned in 1360 – the salt had already been extracted here at that time. Today it is a small inhabited area with not only dwelling houses and institutions in it but also the 7th, 8th and 9th mines working (the mines of 1-6 are closed down). Solotvyno stands on a large salt cupola. More »

Oleksandr Marchenko, Depchief of Main Administration – Chief of the Department of European Integration, Tourism and Resorts of Transcarpathian RSA

Tourism and recreation industry in Transcarpathia shows a positive momentum within the period of last few years. The volume of the given services increased by 7% and makes 121,1 million of hryvnyas for the period of January-June of 2010 if compared with the same period of 2009. Thus local budget deductions increased by 17% and make 6,5 million of hryvnyas; 99 new workplaces were created in this field. The network of sanatorium-resort, tourism and recreation, hotel establishments counts 328 objects.

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Khrysto Rohlev, academician of the Academy of Tourism of Ukraine, Honoured worker of service industry

According to the Worldwide Tourist Organization Ukraine can be among the first twenty of countries – the most popular directions of tourism till the year of 2020. More »

Institution Credo: “Tourism and Sports is a Diversified Type of Education”

The basic criteria of work for the Transcarpathian Students Center of Tourism, Regional History, Excursions and Sports is to offer the widest array of curriculum which addresses the needs of the upcoming generation. There are 55 groups working in 14 profiles, and a total of 750 students study at the centre. Students of the Centre take an active part in championships of Ukraine, international competitions on sporting orientation, alpine skiing, hiking, water activities and cycle touring. Within the framework of these competitions about 40 persons became the candidates in sport masters and 30 more got a rank of masters of sport of Ukraine. More »

Over 150 of rural, city, district, regional, All-Ukrainian, international cultural and art festivals are held annually in Transcarpathia. More »

Yosyp Kobal PhD (History)


Over the course of many centuries, Transcarpathia served as an ancient gate which linked the Eastern and Western civilizations surrounding the area. The region was populated in the infancy of mankind, 1 million years ago. Evidence of inhabitants of the Stone Age were found near the village of Kololevo, Vynohradovo district, and the Korolevo site is the oldest one in the Ukraine.

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Olexandr Andyaloshiy, Chief of the Department of Regional Development, Town planning and Architecture of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Transcarpathian region is one of the picturesque corners of Ukraine. Dividing the regional territories among the ethnic groups of huzuls, boyky, lemky dwelling in the land one can see at once the influence of original culture of that or other group on folk architecture. It is especially present in sacral architecture. The golden fund of sacral architecture is formed by the gothic churches of Maramoros traditional architecture in Khust district. Castle architecture rose to especially high levels of development in 14-18 centuries. Twelve castles of different periods were built on the territory of the region. Since Transcarpathia was located on salt ways, the first castles were built up as boundary posts of 9-12 centuries period. The designers of fortification buildings were mainly French and Italian engineers.

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Towns and villages of Transcarpathia are united by the great number of temples. Every town or village, even the smallest one, has its own temple and there are dozens of wooden and stone temples constructed during the 19th – 20th centuries and preserved till nowadays among them.

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Carpathian mountains is one of those wonders of Europe, even of the whole world, that at the same time arouses amazement, delight, anxiety and furthermore sorrow for our present and future destiny. In the XXI century the Carpathians acquired new features not only as the geographical part of Europe, but as an important factor, that in great degree influences living conditions and inner feelings of the whole European continent residents.

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Such definition may seem to be a bit exaggerated. But region geographical position, its historical destiny gave reason to place memorial, connected with numerous legends about location of geographical center of Europe exactly in Zakarpatska oblast, in Dilove village, Rakhivsky district, where mountain Goverla, the highest top of the Ukrainian Carpathians, is located. Many scientists consider it as geographical center of the Carpathian region. Here is a certain piece of truth. Zakarpattya is the western region of Ukraine, which borders with four Carpathian states of the European Union -Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania. Its first neighbors – Lvivska, Ivano-Frankivska and Chernivecka oblasts are also the members of the same Carpathian family. So, it takes only an hour and a half by air to reach Kyiv, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna, Bonne, Geneva, Paris, Rome.

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Under the circumstances of realization of eurointegration processes new opportunities for solving many problems of local communities appeared before Zakarpatska, Lvivska, Ivano-Francivska, Chernivetska oblasts of Ukraine and other districts of the Carpathian region. The 8th international exhibition fair “Toureurocenter-Zakarpattya-2008″ that was held in Zakarpattya confirmed this. More »

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