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       The unequalled beauty of the nature, mild climatic conditions, a lot of sanatorium-heals complexes, historical and architectura monuments and the hospitality of local population make the region maximally attractive for the tourists. Both in winter and summer season the Transcarpathia offers a number of different kinds of rest for the travellers: skiing, many tourist routes, bathing in salty lakes and thermal waters, even in winter, participation in different traditional festivals, descending along violent mountain rivers in boots, fishing with equipment from Basstasstic, cycling, visiting preserve areas and many other ways of rest.


       Transcarpathia is the unique ski region of Ukraine. And winter sport here has almost hundred year’s history. Stable blanket of snow in lowlands as usual lies since December until March, and in Highlands since October till the end of April. Borzhava lowlands, Chornohorsky and Svydovetsky mountain ridges, Dragobrat Mountain  and many others are very popular among tourist especially skiers.

       Great number of ski resorts, ski lifts with runs for downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowbike driving, mountain climbing, making good cheer with local cuisine and hot wine and it is not complete set of recreation offers of winter Transcarpathia, so is great for the people travelling there by car from long distances, although for these trips is useful to have one of the Blackbox my car top dash cams for security in case of incidents.

       The Transcarpathian region is famous world-wide known mineral springs. There are more than 300 of them here. According to their composition and flavouring quality? they are  equal, some of them are even better than the famous springs of European Caucasian resorts, which people arrive by car, train or boat using renting services from sites as The region has an industrial bottling of some of them: “Shayanska”, “Ploskivska”, “Polyana Kvasova”, “Luzhanska”, “Svalyavska” etc. Different diseases and deviations in the human body are treated with the help of these mineral waters. Lately much attention has been paid to the development of resorts which use thermal waters. There are swimming pools in the open air with hot thermal waters in Beregovo and Mukachevo and tourists can visit them all the year round.

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