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       The vast majority of rivers, streams and glacier lakes have a significant importance for the nature and population of Europe. The Carpathians are an important source for clean water and clean air; it is a powerful climate creation and water regulation factor on the continent. This is a real “Green Heart” of Europe.

Природно-заповідний фонд Закарпаття

       The Ukrainian part of the Carpathians makes only 10,3% from the total area but about 1,500 natural reserves are concentrated here; its total territory is about half million hectares ( which is 8,6%).

       There are 450 nature reserves in Transcarpathia on the territory of 177 hectares. The most famous are the Carpathian biosphere reserve, Uzhansky national nature park, national parks “Synevyr” ,”Fascinated land” and  the regional scenery park ”Prytysyansky”. There are 19 objects of state importance, 14 of local importance, 11 nature memorials of state importance, 329 of local importance, 9 nature reserves of local importance, 32 objects of gardening and park art of local importance and 4 dendro parks of local importance.


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