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Ямалов         Oleg Yamalov comes from Uzhgorod. He graduated from the Physics Department of Uzhgorod State University and the  Faculty of Economics of Kiev Road Institute. About 20 years he worked  in public transport and party organizations of the region. In the 90th  has organized and successfully completed several private business projects. He was a member of Uzhgorod City Council. For many years he has sponsored research, cultural and spiritual project of  the region.

        From his school years and up to nowadays  O. Yamalov consistently focuses on physical training and sports competitions. Mountain tourism remains the dream of youth and the reality at present. Over the past 10 years he has passed hundreds of miles through various mountains of Ukraine, Italy and the USA. In these trekking trails Oleg  shares his love of the Carpathians with local residents and guests of Transcarpathia. Nowadays he resides with his family in the United States of America. (Е-mail:

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