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It is very important for the health of major part of the European population to have the Carpathian mountains, as the source of clean water. It is really true. Many legends exist concerning crystal clearness of the Carpathian rivers, lakes, underground waters. Water in the Carpathians is the Eyes of Lord. It has amazing ability to give life, punish and forgive. It is really true. Such important water arteries as Visla, Dunaj, Tisza, Dnister and their numerous large and small tributaries come into existence from the Carpathians outflows. At present time there are many small rivers in the Carpathians, preserved in their natural state, that belong to the cleanest rivers in Europe.

But unfortunately, it is necessary to ascertain disappointing facts – the Carpathians might lose their importance for Europe as the source of fresh water. Such warnings have serious reasons. Specifically, accelerating industrialization of the Carpathian region countries during the hole Soviet period, when large territories have been used for mines and quarries, caused the situation, that recultivation of land practically was not held It caused the destroy of geological basis of natural complexes functioning. Compared with exceptional beauty of landscapes and exotics of the Carpathians, they are sharp warning for people: what their unreasonable attitude to nature may lead to.

Quarrying together with land melioration, forest cutting, taking water for industrial needs of ecologically harmful enterprises affected the regime of surface waters of certain Carpathian region territories. For instance, according to some estimations over 50 accidents of water contamination took place for the last seven years in the basins of Tisza and Somesh as the result of breakdowns on industrial enterprises of Romanian mountain territories. Consequences of such extraordinary situations express: lack of drinking water in towns, decay of tourism, loss of industrial development perspective, impossibility to run fishering industry, evanescence of certain species of rare flora and fauna. In particular, Romanian ecologists discovered that six species of fish disappeared in the Muresh River due to permanent leakage of hazardous substances from chemical plants. But the greatest loss was found during observing the population state of health in the basin of Tisza river. Average age of human life reduced to 2,2 years, index of general mortality increased on 10-15 %, diseases, caused by great contain of lead, increased on 40-60 %.

That’s why for improvement of ecological state of waters in the Carpathians rivers, first of all, it is necessary to set out modern water-safe constructions, support control of the quality of following the ecological pureness of river and underground waters standards.

It is also important, because the Carpathians are the source of 80 % Romanian water resources, 40 % stores of Ukrainian water are also replenished from the Carpathians. Due to the fact, that rivers of the Carpathian region form watersheds of trans-border rivers, more actual is the problem of usage and watercourse of water resources, as the important component part of European environment.

At present, when all the states of the Carpathian region became competent members of the EU, and Ukraine adheres steady the course of Eurointegration, it is advisably to unite efforts of ecoprotection systems of Europe, regional and local authorities for creation of effective legal barriers for industrial and enterprise structures, which straight or immediately promote improvement of negative ecological processes, especially in the modern Carpathians.

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