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Agro-industrial complex is an important sector of economy of the region and forms about 20% of gross value added. The agroindustrial production of Transcarpathia differs from that of the other regions of Ukraine. The main differentiating features are:

− prevalence of rural population which makes 63 % at only 31,9 % on the rest of the territory of Ukraine;

− transformation of land to the private sector (85 % of the land, including 81 % of plough-land);

− insufficiency of the lands of agricultural assignment, there are 0,32 hectares of farmland for one habitant, including 0,16 hectares of plough-land. On condition of shortage of land (2.1 % of the areas of state agricultural assignment) the efficiency of land usage in the region is considerably higher in comparison with the other regions.

Due to the attracted investments the intensive industrial production of pork is being resumed by modern technologies in the New level 2006 farmer economy, Shytev, Koshet and Adeniya LTD.

At high technological level utilising advanced techniques the production of vegetable goods is carried out in Plemzavod Zakarpatskiy, JSC, Re net farmer economy, Zavydivske LTD, Konyk farmer economy.

For the period of the government program validity since 2000 the establishing of orchards is carried out on the area of 632 hectares and of vineyards on the area of 1213 hectares. The considerable volumes of vineyards landing were conducted by Chyzay LTD, Iceberg LTD, Karpat Vyn Etalon LTD.

There are also enterprises of fruit and vegetable canned goods production created with the investments of Dyadya Vanya − Zakarpatski ovochi LTD, Mikaland LTD, Konservniy zavod “Univer” LTD, Kotnar − M vine making factory, Fruit Master Group LTD − the production of juices, Golden Foods SOE − the production of potato chips. At present the priority industries of agroindustrial production for making the investments are considered to be gardening and viticulture, dairy and meat cattle breeding, poultry farming with the application of modern technologies of feeding and maintenance of animals, milk and meal processing.

Source: Magazine “Transcarpathia” № 2 summer/autumn 2010


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