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Volodyr Hoblyk, Deputy Chief of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Volodymyr Prykhodko, member of Regional Committee on Economic Reforms, member of Eurokar JFC Observant Council

As of March I, 2010 six investment projects are being realized in special mode of investing by the estimate cost of 39,5 million US dollars. Within the framework of operating investment projects the attracted investments comprise 60,3 million US dollars. Special economic area of “Zakarpattya” counts 16 subjects of entrepreneurial activity, the sum of declared investments makes 300,8 million US dollars, the amount of the actually attracted investments is 257,7 million US dollars. The attracted outward investments comprise 75,3 million US dollars.

In 2009 the sales volume made 1 598 355,9 thousand UAH including the number of exported products to the amount of 823 099,6 thousand UAH, it is foremost due to the products of Jabil Circuit Ukraine Limited LTD, Eurokar JFC, Yazaki-Ukraine LTD. As we can see, the foundation of motor-car industry economic cluster is being laid in Transcarpathian region.

Stimulation of investment - the Regions of Ukraine Development Perspective

Co-operation of production – creation of clusters on the territory of Ukraine:

– motor industry – “Volkswagen-group”: “Eurocar” – “Jadzaki” – “Groklin Karpaty” -“W.E.T.Automotiv System”;

– woodworking industry – IKEA: “Sten” – “Proza” – “Karpaty”;

– instrument-making industry – “Flekstroniks”: Berehovo radio manufacturing plant -Mukachevo factory of “Tochprylad”.

Source: Magazine “Transcarpathia” № 2 summer/autumn 2010


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