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An important preparatory measure for the acceptance of Resolution and Recommendations is called to become international scientific and technical conference of “Steady development of Carpathians and other mountain regions of Europe”. This conference is organized by the Regional Council of Transcarpathia and Regional State Administration and it will be held on September, 8-10, 2010 in Uzhhorod. More than 100 of research workers from Ukraine and the countries of the Carpathian region, members of national delegations and experts of the Congress of local and regional powers of the Council of Europe, of European conference of SEMAT, diplomatic authorities of many foreign countries declared about the desire to take part in the conference. The purpose of the conference is consideration of the economic, ecological and social state of European alpine territories and of the region of Carpathians in particular, making of suggestions concerning the existing problems solutions, and also the preparation of general remarks to the projects of Resolution and Recommendation of the Congress of Advice of Europe on this basis together with wide scientific community and the representatives of local and regional powers of the countries of Carpathians and other regions.


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