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41 the Plenary Session of Congress of the local and regional powers of the Council of Europe on initiative of delegation of Ukraine charged the Committee to consider the matter of preparation of the special Resolution and Recommendation about providing of steady development of mountain regions and the region of Carpathians in particular. On the basis of the discussion of the report made at the Committee meeting by Mykhaylo Kichkovskiy, the chairman of the Regional Council of Transcarpathia, in October, 2008, the decision about the beginning of report preparation on “Steady development of mountain regions and experience of the Carpathian region” and of the Resolution and Recommendation concerning this matter was accepted, the graph of its preparation and discussion in the structures of Congress of local and regional powers of the Council of Europe was ratified. It is foreseen to consider the final projects of the noted documents and approve them with the Congress of the Council of Europe in September-October this year.

The representatives of the self-government organs, the scientific and ecological world, clergy, members of parliament of Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and other countries appealed to activate the solution of the problems of existence, maintenance and steady development of the Carpathians.

Source: Magazine “Transcarpathia” № 2 summer/autumn 2010


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