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Unique ethnic and cultural heritage of Uzhanskyi NNP primarily includes ancient wooden churches and bell towers. They are similar in style to Boiky folk architecture, but also have some Baroque elements. Here is a list of the most valuable monuments of sacral architecture.

St.Michael’s Church in the village of Uzhok, built in 1745, its bell tower dating back to 19th century. The church is an example of Boyko wooden folk architecture with some Lemko architecture elements.

St.Basil’s church in the village of Sil, built in the village of Syanky in 1703 and transferred to Sil in 1777. During repairs of 1834-1894 the appearance of the church has undergone major changes. The Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary Protection in Kostryno-built in 1645 in the village of Syanky and in 1703 moved to present location. In 1761 a tower was constructed over “babynets”, which became higher than the central hipped roof. Since then the appearance of the church has not changed.

Original wooden churches of 18th century have also been preserved in the villages of Husnyi and Sukhyi. They were usually built in picturesque hilly areas and thus constitute a significant landscape and cultural value, the wooden churches look so beautiful, their structures look like some places in a videogame. Traditional ornamental trees near the temples were long-living species, like small-leaf linden and ash trees. Priests and religious leaders were often buried near the temples.

Source: Uzhanskyi national nature park

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