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Pikuy (1408,3 m) – is the highest mountain peak of Verkhovyna Dividing Ridge and the Beskids, as well as the highest geographic point of Lviv region. It is located on the border of Lviv and Zakarpattya region.The high forest bound is at 1200-1250 m above sea level, which allows the tourists to observe wonderful landscapes and special flora within a relatively short distance. There is a column-obelisk made of stone on the top of the mountain. People say that it was installed in 1935 by the residents of the village of Husnyi to honour T.Masaryk, the first President of Czechoslovakia (before the war this village together with whole of Zakarpattya was part of Czechoslovakia). Pikuy is accessible via a tourist route, which starts at Uzhotskyi Pass.

Mountain pasture Rivna (Runa) – mountainous massif within Perechyn and Velykyi Bereznyi districts of Zakarpattya region. The massif is located in the western part of Polonynskyi Ridge, between Lyutyanka, Shypit, and Turytsya Rivers. Rivna mountain pasture is a wide sloping ridge covered by meadows and mainly beech forests. Massif has a few noticeable peaks – Polonyna Runa (1479 m, northwest), Menchul (1295 m, south), Runa-Plai (1227 m, southeast). Rivna is home to ornithological reserve “Sokolovi Skeli” as well as Reserve “Turye-Polyana” (southeast) and “Shypit” Reserve.

Ostra – second highest peak after Polonyna Runa located within Velykyi Bereznyi districts (1405 m above sea level). Mountain peak is characterized by three little peaks, which add to its picturesque beauty and make it recognisable from all viewpoints. Steep slopes visually increase the height of the mountain, which makes it even more beautiful.

Source: Uzhanskyi national nature park

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