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Yavornyk is a stretched ridge on the southern border of Uzhanskyi NNR its highest point by the same name is located 1017 m above sea level. A tower transmitting a television signal is operating here. There is a shelter situated to the west of the mountain peak at 910 m. The shelter was built in 1936 by the Club of Czechoslovakian Tourists (KČST). This is the only existing shelter among the 17 built by KČST from 1919 to 1939 in Transcarpathia. After the war, this building was used for a “nature school” Today the building is privately owned and anyone can spend a night here. There are two rooms, which can fit 30 people but one must bring a sleeping bag – there is no electricity or other facilities. The building is quite battered but hasn’t lost its striking appeal and offers an unforgettable atmosphere. Primeval beech forests are located nearby – 1 km in the direction of the village of Kostryno. Before the war the forests were studied by professor A.ZIatnik, who developed 14 research plots in the areas where the primeval forests were very well preserved. Since 1975 these plots are being protected as a Botanical Reserve “Yavornyk”.

Source: Uzhanskyi national nature park

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