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MISSION Protection, restoration and sustainable use of natural systems


• to protect of valuable natural, historical and cultural sites,

• to create conditions for organized recreation and tourism,

• to conduct scientific research.

TOTAL AREA OF THE PARK – 39159,3 hectares


• core – 3,53 thousand hectares – 23,7 %

• regulated recreation – 5,1 thousand hectares – 34,5 %

• permanent recreation – 0,1 thousand hectares – 0,6 %

• economy – 6,1 thousand hectares – 41,2 %

Park is an integral part of the first in the world trilateral Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, which is included into World Network of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

In July 2007 more than 3 thousand hectares of beech-spruce-maple primeval forests were included into UNESCO World Heritage List “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany”.

Uzhanskyi NNP is a member European Federation of Protected Areas EUROPARC.

The Park is located in Velykyi Bereznyi rayon of Transcarpathia region. It was established in 1999 and aims to preserve and rationally use the landscapes of Eastern Beskids. Parks’ total area is 39159,3 hectares. It is also a part of a trilateral Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

Park’s nature conditions contribute to preservation of distinctive and rich flora and fauna, which are very impressive in their beauty. Original spruce and beech primeval forests are unique in Central Europe.

In general Park’s flora amounts to almost 1500 species: 863 species of vascular plants, 312 lichens, 143 bryophytes, 165 algae as well as 66 fungi species. Fauna is typical for Eastern Carpathians: Carpathian deer, roe deer, wild boar, badger, weasel, brown hare, fox and others. Avifauna is also abundant – 85 species.

The karst caves as well as the place where a meteorite has fallen in 1866 are located near the village of Knyahynya.

The Uzh Valley (where the National Park is situated) is also a place, which is home to people who represent various ethnic groups. Many Lemkos live here and one of the theories state that they are descendants of ancient tribe of Carpathian dwellers – the White Croats.

The area of Uzhanskyi National Nature Park was populated in 15-17th centuries. Currently there are 16 settlements with a total population of over 12 thousand people. It is also where the largest number of Lemkos reside within the Carpathian Mountains.

Unique monuments of Lemko wooden architecture of 17-18th century have been preserved in the villages of Uzhok, Sil, Kostryno, Sukhyi, Gusnyi (Park’s area).

The park has a significant potential for the development of recreation and tourism. There are mineral springs (varieties “Naftusya”and “Narzan”) in the villages of Stuzhytsya, Kostryno, Sil, Uzhok, which have і been used for many years. In 19th century local mineral baths were operating in the village of Uzhok. During winter, ski resorts such as “Krasiya”, “Shcherbyn”, “Uzhok” are very popular with visitors as they are equipped with modern ski lifts. Green tourism is developing rapidly and steps are being taken to open border crossings on the borders with Poland and Slovakia for tourist travelling on foot, so they need a light but practical backpack, just as this Kickstarter backpack you can find online. 17 old tourist trails have been reconstructed and a range of new ones are being developed.

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