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Voiyno-Podilska Plate

Kelmenetsk area, Nagoryany village, northern outskirt

48° 32′ N lat.; 26° 48′ E long.

Ridge of cone hills. Square 20.5 hectares


Along steep right bank of Dnister River, which form at this place almost circular meander, there is clearly expressed in relief the ridge of relatively low (from 5 to 35 m) cone-like hills called Shyshkovi. These are erosion remnants composed of Sarmatian (11 Ma) limestones, more strength than surrounding rocks, and widely distributed over area. This reef which is known presently as “Podilski Tovtry” had being extended over hundred of kilometres from modern northern boundary of Ternopil Region to the right side of Prut River in Romania. Organogenic limestones of the reef main body are enriched in excellently-preserved mollusc shells and corals. The reef limestones are underlain by Badenian regio-stage gypsum (Tyraska Suite, 15 Ma) which form extremely impressive landscape in this place.

Ecological conditions are suitable.

Motor way passes along Dnister River bank from Nagoryany village.

Legally the object is defined as local-rank nature landmark since 1979.

It is suggested to give the status of regional-rank geological landmark.

Sourсe: Geological Landmarks of Ukraine: In 3 volumes/V.P. Bezvynniy, S.V. Biletski, O.B. Bobrovetal.; V.l. Kalinin, D.S. Gurskiy, I.V. Antakova, Eds. — K.: DIA, 2006. — Volume I. — 320 p.


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