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Trans-Carpathian deep-seated fault zone, Penninian sub-zone

Uzhgorod area, south-western outskirt of Novoselytsya village

48° 47′ 33″ N lat.; 22° 24′ 21″ E long.

Quarry, Square 2 hectares

Tectonic, stratigraphic.

This marble grit quarry is located in the upper reaches of Kamyanychka River (right branch of Uzh River) on its left bank. There can be directly observed numerous displacement planes of the II- and Ill-order faults confined to the Trans-Carpathian deep-seated fault zone. In the small tectonic wedges (first meters) within Late Jurassic — Early Cretaceous marbles occur parti-colored Late Cretaceous marls. The outcrop is of interest because one could observe there fragment of the internal structure of the Trans-Carpathian deep-seated fault zone. Extreme rock tectonic breaking and their modern occurrence as fine tectonic blocks are typical for the long-lived deep-seated faults.

Ecological conditions are suitable.

Accessible by motor-car. 700 m to the west from the church.

Legally the object as geological landmark is not defined yet.

It is suggested to give the status of geological regional-rank landmark.

Sourсe: Geological Landmarks of Ukraine: In 3 volumes/V.P. Bezvynniy, S.V. Biletski, O.B. Bobrovetal.; V.l. Kalinin, D.S. Gurskiy, I.V. Antakova, Eds. — K.: DIA, 2006. — Volume I. — 320 p.


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